Summary of Provincial & Federal Grant and Contribution Programs

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Provincial Grant Programs 

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures – Capacity Building Programs 

Did to you know that if a business was able to access all of the Industry Capacity Building Programs offered through Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, this would add up to over $400,000 in grants! The programs are:

1. The $15,000 Alberta Voucher for conducting an Opportunity Assessment

2. The $50,000 Alberta Voucher for technology development, business planning, market studies, etc.

3. The R&D Salary grant for hiring Ph.D or Masters’ graduates for R&D work, and

4. The Commercialization Associates Salary Program for hiring a Marketing / Business Development Manager to take the technology to market.

5. The Product Demonstration Fund – $100,000 to $300,000 in matching grants.

The following section provides a brief description of these programs and key criteria for successful application.

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