Without capital, a business will not grow.  Securing innovation funding for your development and/or commercialization plans can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start.


We can help you gain a solid understanding of the types of documentation that you need for each type of prospective funder. And then we can help you produce it, draft it and present it in a manner that significantly increases your odds of receiving funding.  

Whether you are looking for grants, loans, seed capital or venture capital, we can help you get the balance you need to take your company to new heights.

To assist you learn more about innovation funding programs, we can send you an OVERVIEW of the 100+ MAIN INNOVATION FUNDING PROGRAMS for Technology Driven Businesses in Alberta.   This  OVERVIEW will quickly apprise you of the main innovation funding programs that every technology business in development and/or commercialization needs to know about.  Email and provide your name, company name, telephone number and a brief description of your funding requirements.    

If you would like more detailed information about innovation funding, we have 2 subscription options for you.

1.  A SUMMARY OF THE CleanTech INOVATION FUNDING PROGRAMS for Technology Driven Businesses in Alberta, and

2. An IN-DEPTH SUMMARY OF THE 100++ FEDERAL & PROVINCIAL INNOVATION FUNDING PROGRAMS for Technology Driven Businesses in Alberta.  This In-Depth Summary will  provide in-depth information on funding programs and cleantech funding programs with highlights on federal and provincial initiatives as well as overview a rapidly growing ecosystem.

With each subscription, you also receive consultation time to assist you learn about and navigate the innovation funding landscape.

To learn more about these 2 subscription options, call 403 252 0799 or email to find out more.

 Next, we need to ask you: —> Where do you want to go?

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