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“I worked with Strategic Timelines Inc. at a time when our industry was sliding into a recession and it was having an incredibly negative impact on our bottom line. With Strategic Timelines Inc., I was able to get a clearer picture of where we were and build out a game plan to help position our company to weather the storm. Our recovery plan was dubbed “Roadmap to Profitability”. It was a document that defined our Mission, our Vision and our Corporate culture. I sincerely believe that it added much value in helping our company navigate in the rough waters of the recession.”

Ron J. Clements, P. Eng. President, CODECO ENERGY GROUP INC.


“Strategic Timelines Inc. has a finger on the pulse when it comes to strategic planning and marketing your business. Years of experience and a keen understanding of management objectives has enabled effective coaching techniques to assist many companies grow their businesses”.

Dave Birkby – President, Westbridge Containers 


“When the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) contracted Strategic Timelines Inc., the expectation was to gather statistically valid feedback from members, corporations and the general public to inform the development of the Association’s communications plan and business plan. APEGGA’s experience with the firm was entirely satisfactory. APEGGA received excellent feedback and a long list of recommendations to improve its relationships and services with members, corporations and the public. There was not gap in our expectations of Strategic Timelines Inc., in fact, they exceeded our expectations. As a result of the expert consultation provided by Strategic Timelines Inc., APEGGA was able to craft a five-year communications plan and the upcoming year’s business plan.”

Sherrell Steele, MA – Past Public Relations Manager – APEGGA 


“Strategic Timelines Inc. was contracted to help diversify and expand our customer base.  A strategic marketing plan was developed based on extensive market and customer research to evaluate opportunities for expanding into new markets.  They worked closely with our team with particular interest in our corporate values.  Their detailed market and customer analysis helped us focus on the right market opportunities and avoid wasting our limited resources. Within a 3 year time frame, new commercial markets and defense markets developed and revenues averaged a 10% increase annually.”

Daryl Marling, P. Eng., Past Manager – Heater Division – Global Thermoelectric Inc. 


“Aria Solutions Inc. contracted with Strategic Timelines Inc. for a number of reasons including a market research project. With this particular project our expectations were that Eileen Ashmore’s firm would prepare, conduct and analyze the results of market research for a new product Aria Solutions was developing in order to help us decide what feature set was most applicable to our clients. Not only did Eileen’s team complete the project on time and on budget but they also discovered many client desires that we had not thought of. The results of the survey allowed us to fine tune our product development to better match the needs of our clients.”

Rob Church, President of Aria Solutions Inc. 


“I wanted to get some traction and action for my business.  And it happened. We met regularly, I had a greater sense of accountability to my business and more focus. There was no gap between my expectations and my experience. I wasn’t 100% clear on what to expect, but I knew I had to do something. The impact for me was new business and a renewed confidence.  It was great.”

Virginia Queenan, M. Ed. – Past President of Emerge Performance 


“Strategic Timelines Inc. has worked with us over the past few years to build a well structured written business plan that would guide our company. What we got was the business plan but quickly learned that we had to change it a lot and that it was not really the oft used tool we thought it might be. Instead, a series of short, ongoing market development sessions seemed to pay off more. What we thought we’d get was an easily maintained document (& we did) and one that would guide us. The experience was that we got something more than we bargained for. The impact on our firm is that today we have a bigger organization that is working together as opposed to individually and we are just about to make the breakthrough to sustainability.”

Chris Hill, President of Canatec Associates International Inc.



Note that E.M ASHMORE & ASSOCIATES INC. rebranded as Strategic Timelines Inc. in 2012. The above testimonials are direct quotes from clients about their experience and results that they achieved in their businesses – with the company name change being the only change in the quote.


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