Case Studies


case-studiesWe’ve helped countless technical/technology driven businesses gain traction.  The majority of our clients are engineering and technology firms that are developing and/or commercializing robotic, geomatics, ICT, and oil/gas innovations.  Here are a few case studies from our files.


Starting:  Feasibility Study / Opportunity Assessment Case Study

An ICT company recently ventured into a new market arena from selling consulting software services to selling product.

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Growing:  Marketing Strategy Development & Planning Case Study

With market demand increasing substantially in Western Canada, we conducted an extensive customer survey to fully understand customer product and service needs and what ‘wowed’ customers.

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Funding:  Business Planning Case Study

A 30 page business financing plan was prepared for a technical client serving the oil & gas services sector.

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Exiting:  Strategic Framework for Exit Case Study

 Working with a micro business with 20 years expertise in their field, we built a 10 Year Strategic Framework to identify the major milestones that needed to be reached each year 10 years time.

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