20 Key Business Planning Questions

There are 20 Key Business Planning Questions that you respond to in order to build a comprehensive Business Plan that will serve as a strategic guide to reaching your goals and objectives in 2019.  Here’ a few questions to get you started:
Question 1: What business are you in? In a few sentences describe what you do for your clients
Question 2: What is your vision? – In 5 years time where will your business be?
Question 3: What is your mission? – What do you need to do every day that focuses you on building your business?
Question 4: What is your intent? – Do you plan to sell the business in a few years? Grow the business?
Question 5: What is your purpose? – Is it to be creative? Help others? Make a lot of money?
Question 6: What are your values? – Honesty, hard work, perseverance?


Would you like to build your Business Plan for 2019?

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