10 Quick Marketing Tips for Accelerating Revenues!

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There are many ways to increase your leverage to increase and accelerate your revenues. The following tips will help you:

Tip 1: Product Upside

Step back and take a long look at ways to improve your product lines. That’s precisely what Dyson did when they designed the DC24 vacuum cleaner, which was several pounds lighter, $100 less expensive to produce and much easier to handle than its other models. As Dyson will attest, an expert, outside perspective is often the key to stimulating positive change. Can you find similar upside in your product lines?

Tip 2: Price Upside

Can you find a way to ‘micro-size’ your prices? As per example, it takes 8 – 10 days to build a business or marketing plan for a mid-size business. A micro or small business cannot afford this outlay at one time but still needs a good strategy and plan. By ‘micro-sizing’ consulting services over the year with monthly strategy and coaching sessions, the price drops to 4 – 5 days time. Clients not only get a practical plan but coaching on the execution to make sure they get planned results. That’s double the value for the price they pay. Can you find similar price upside in your offerings?

Tip 3: Place (Distribution) Upside

To more effectively reach new customers, have you explored the plethora of distribution channels available to businesses today? From agent to EBay, the sky’s the limit! Channel mapping helps to insure minimal channel ‘cannibalization’.

Tip 4: Promotion Upside

Creating promotion upside is about balancing sales force initiatives with demand creation activities, for example, advertising to secure revenues. Do you need to increase sales activity and all other promotions activity to adjust the balance to be more effective at revenue generation?

Tip 5: Marketing & Sales Mechanism Upside

Does your business have a marketing & sales mechanism that works as a sure fire revenue engine 24/7? When the marketing mix (the best of the 4 P’s) is transformed into a marketing mechanism, it becomes a revenue engine that consistently and repeatedly brings in more sales revenues.  Build a marketing / sales mechanism & rev up your revenue engine!

Tip 6: Research Upside

From $100k a year to $1 million a year in revenues – that’s how one client used research to create steadily increasing revenue. Research can assist you mitigate the risk of developing a new market or introducing a new product or service. First – get the market facts & then go for the revenue results!

Tip 7: A Winning Marketing Strategy

It is often not until we have experienced utter defeat due to difficult market conditions and / or competitor initiatives that we realize the absolute necessity of executing on a prudent and powerful marketing strategy. Creating a winning marketing strategy means being proactive instead of reactive no matter your budget. Investing in a winning marketing strategy will actually save you time and money by cutting out the guess work leads to quicker sales and sustaining revenues!

Tip 8: The Accelerator Principle

Now more than ever, businesses need to generate healthy sales revenues. The accelerator principle does this by combining a winning marketing strategy, the marketing mix, effective targeting, a revenue generating system, and, execution coaching to stay on track to get revenue results. This accelerator principle makes all the difference between increasing your revenues this year versus simply meeting your margins, or, worse yet, dealing with mounting debt and profit loss.

Tip 9: Are You Prepared for a Sensational Year?

So many businesses find that business plans don’t work out as planned. This is often because they have not converted the Strategic Business Plan into an Operating Plan so it can be executed immediately. With a good Strategic Business Plan, a good Operating Plan, and coaching on the execution, clients find that business plans really do work. In fact, they achieve superior performance with successful execution of the plan. Start your year with a strategic edge and an Operating Plan designed to get results!

Tip 10: Business Coaching for Effective Execution 

The benefits of coaching ensure for continuing support for the successful execution of your business and marketing plans.  And, supporting you as you learn to implement better strategies and use more effective tools for growing your business.  To accelerate reaching your goals and building increased revenues sooner, bimonthly coaching sessions are recommended in the first 3 to 6 months time of coaching.