10 Costly Online Marketing Mistakes

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With the tremendous success of many internet companies like Google & Facebook, many businesses are looking for ways that they too can reach hundreds of new customer and perhaps thousands of new customers every year.

What does it take to become savvy with online marketing?  Here of the 10 common mistakes that businesses make:

  1. A clear and succinct online marketing strategy is not outlined or written down as to the purpose of the strategy or the results expected.  As a result, the business spends thousands of dollars on online marketing techniques without being able to measure results and course correct as needed.
  2. The online marketing supplier doesn’t understand your value proposition or the needs of your target customer.
  3. Keywords chosen are not the keywords that customers use to search for your services.
  4. A Pay Per Click campaign is set up and very few leads come in.
  5. The website is not set up to be attractive to customers and the website doesn’t give the visitor a compelling enough reason to learn more, therefore the bounce rate is really high!!
  6. Keywords and meta descriptions embedded in the code don’t rank high on search engines.
  7. An interactive component to the website is not part of the website and gives the visitor little reason to find out more.
  8. Expectations as to leads generated and increased revenues are unrealistic in the short term and the business may decide to discontinue the online marketing campaign too early and therefore doesn’t  benefit from the continuous connection and spidering with search engines.
  9. Online marketing is not fully integrated with the Marketing Strategy &  and therefore can be out of sync with marketing initiatives and campaigns throughout the year thereby losing the greater impact of all campaigns working seamlessly together.
  10.  The Online Strategy is not connected to the overall marketing communications strategy or a social media strategy thereby losing the momentum and impact if all disciplines were integrated and working together.

The best way to avoid all of these common mistakes is to clearly define what you expect from an online marketing strategy and write it up as an Online Marketing Strategy & Action Plan that is integrated within your overall company Strategic Business Plan and Strategic Marketing Plan.  Closely tracking results weekly and monthly assists you to not only account for results but tweak the strategy and course correct as needed.