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Strategic Timelines Inc. assists manufacturing, engineering, technology & technical firms build strong and sustaining business foundations for launching their initiatives whether they are Starting, Growing, Funding or Planning for Exit. With over 30 years of management consulting expertise, we have worked with hundreds of talented technical, technology and engineering entrepreneurs.

Whether you are STARTING, GROWING, FUNDING, or EXITING your technology-driven business, we are here to successfully assist you to navigate through each step and stage to ensure for a smooth transition with strategy and planning services so that you are apprised of all future possibilities while also shoring up your weaknesses.

You’ll find that we provide insightful and practical business and marketing strategies that will transform your business and allow you to experience much greater success in 1) running your business and generating revenues – today and in the days to come, as well as, 2) securing government funding grants as required.

Generating Revenues:  Strategic Timelines Inc. assists technology-driven businesses grow their revenues by starting with an in-depth assessment of what’s blocking growth leading to a plan for removing the blockages and implementing better sales and marketing techniques for keeping existing customers and securing new customers.

Securing Funding:  Strategic Timelines Inc. specializes in preparing winning innovation funding submissions with impactful content that significantly increases your company’s likelihood of securing innovation funding. We also work with your company to prepare the required supporting documents – up-to-date business and marketing/sales strategies – your Business Plan, Operations Plan, Marketing/Sales Plan, and, 3 – 5 year Financial Projections – all supported by market assessment and competitor analysis to prove out your business model.

Why are all of these supporting documents required?  These documents show funders why your company has the capability to become a successful, growing company in Alberta’s dynamic and fast-growing technology sector.  Securing funding is a key to future success as is your company’s capability to generate revenues.

For more details on our strategic market planning, business planning, and financial planning services, please choose from the menu on the left or call 403 252 0799.

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